About Us

We take the chore out of getting your haircut. The Moustachery strives to achieve high quality service at affordable prices without the need to wait in line or feel rushed to get out the door. Going to the barber should be a relaxing experience and The Moustachery delivers on that principle.

The Moustachery has been a staple within the Paddington community for over five years now. As of 2021 under new management we have traded long wait times with convenient online bookings, longer appointments so you don’t feel rushed, and expanded out range of services to include hair washing included with every cut and optional extra such as ear and nostril waxing.

So the next time you need your haircut, step back in time, not back in line at The Moustachery.

Our Services

At The Moustachery we strive to deliver the best service possible. We believe that consistency is key, so when you book an appointment, you get to choose your preferred barber at your preferred time.